The graduate

Last weekend, I received my Masters of Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago – or rather, I should say, I received a nice leather folder with an advertisement for purchasing graduation photos inside of it.


A lot of things have changed for me professionally since I decided to apply to graduate school in 2010.

Can Pittsburgh face its real and severe problems?

After a crazy couple of weeks, I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on my ever-expanding Pocket feed and came across a great article by Aaron Renn (aka The Urbanophile) at New Geography. Renn argues that the Midwest, which includes the dreary Rust Belt, faces an uphill battle in terms of growth and success.

Why I left fundraising

I often hear and read that people just “fall into” fundraising and they don’t choose to be a fundraiser. That wasn’t the case for me. I chose fundraising as my career in my junior year of college. As a Theatre Management major, I was required to do a sequence of four courses, each focused on a different area of nonprofit management: fundraising, marketing, accounting, etc.